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Who Are You?

My name is Angela West and I have been writing in one form or another since I was a teenager.  When I was still a teenager, I left high school early for the prestigious (by the amount of people who applied and amount of people who actually got in, I’d call it prestigious) Creative Writing program at York University.  Since it was the early 90’s and we were deep into our last recession, I panicked when I realized that there were really no writing jobs at the time to pay off my massive student debt.  I got a job and started building something called a “website” about a year later.  I not only taught myself web design, I can officially say that I have been writing for the web since 1996.

After various internet-related positions, I finally settled down into the career I was meant for on the advice of one of my clients who loved what I did for their website.  For more of my work, head on over to my business site, “Working Web Copy“. I’ve done a few website copywriting projects ranging from trade magazines to career colleges to real estate; you name the industry, I’ve likely written for it.

Why a Blog?

I know there are a lot of freelance writing jobs blogs out there.  I saw a few things that I didn’t like about each and decided to eliminate them here.  The first, and most important, was the fact that they are targeted to US writers.  While this is admirable, I didn’t like reading to the end of a 1000 word posting on Craigslist and finding out that only US people could apply after getting excited about it.  So I decided to start my own site targeted specifically to Canadians.

That and the web design background led me to do what most people would do in my situation – start a blog.  Unlike a good portion of internet folk, I don’t claim to be an expert on anything and live my life by the phrase “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance” by Socrates.  We could all use a little more of that.

How Come You Don’t Like Content Mills?

I won’t post ads from content mills and I won’t actively support  any discussion about how awesome they are for writers, mostly because there is better out there if you just dig a little deeper. I think their business models are insulting to writers and their marketing actively misleads writers by leading them to believe that they will make tons of cash off of residuals. You simply won’t. If you really want to make money in this game, you should treat the content mills like they are kryptonite and stay away from them.

Don’t take my word for it, follow these links:

Demand Studios

Suite 101

There are more if you just poke around the web a little. Don’t fall for this crap. Apply to the jobs I list here and go out and get your own instead; you’ll be much further ahead.