5 Reasons Why “Passive Income” Is the Most Horrible Term Ever Coined

Run into any internet marketers lately?  Chances are they have dropped this little phrase:  “Passive Income”.  Passive income, in case you haven’t had the joy of being indoctrinated, is the income that you make whilst sitting on your buns doing nothing but enjoying zen-like moments filled with nothingness.

Then they usually launch into why you should join their affiliate program, etc. etc.  As a writer, I would like to formally advise anyone using this term that it is the most yawn-inducing, horrible phrase to ever grace way too many pages on Google’s search index.  Here is why.

1.  People Hate Discussing “Income”

As soon as you start telling people that you are going to earn them an income, they don’t believe you and they shut off.  Most people would also only really want to discuss their income with maybe their spouses and that is it.  This is a very personal area that most people would rather not get into – mentioning it automatically throws up blinders.

2.  Passive Doesn’t Paint a Pretty Picture

A better word than passive?  Massive.  While passive isn’t the opposite, it is damn near close to it.  This word makes me think of a small trickle of money rather than the massive waterfall that most marketers are trying to portray.

3.  Annoying Business Language

While “passive income” isn’t nearly as annoying as “moving forward” or “going forward”, it is definitely in the same class of annoying business phrases that make people sound like stupid drones.

4.  You are Telling People They are Lazy

While it is a fact that most people would rather accumulate money sitting on their arses, most of them don’t want to be told that.  A lot of people pride themselves on working hard for their money; this phrase seems to put them down in an offhanded manner.  Not a good way to attract people to your business model.

5.   Passive Income is Rarely Passive

Most internet marketers will tell you that the amount of work required to generate passive income is massive.  Yes, you can have a website that makes you money in your sleep.  Chances are good that you will have to spend 8-12 hours a day building, maintaining, and providing service for that site, despite all of the assurances to the contrary.

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