Friday November 7th 2008

Good Morning kids – I’m off to donate my blood, breath (really, I am.  It’s kind of cool) and other bodily items to science today so I hope you appreciate that I am doing this without the benefit of coffee this morning.  What I won’t do for you guys…  not a lot in the pipe today though.  Check out the listing from yesterday if you missed it, there is a lot there.


Financial Writer – Toronto

Company:  Redwood Communications
Key Requirements:  Degree in Journalism, 3-5 years editorial with 2 years in an online environment.  Financial experience.
Compensation:  Competitive

Web Writer Wanted – Richmond

Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite, apparently in a leather chair.  I’d make sure it’s leather first :).
Key Requirements:  Web writing experience
Compensation:  $40,000 (not bad for this kind of work).


Fun Web Content Project

Company:  Not Stated
Key Requirements:  Background in writing
Compensation:  Limited budget, but sounds reasonable to work with

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