Thursday, November 27th 2008

As most of you already know, today and for the most part tomorrow are vacation days in the US.  That means you can get ahead by getting your app in first!  Lots of tasty leads today – have fun munching, and Happy Turkey Day to our best friends to the south!  A little thin on the maple leaf territory today, but the US dollar is better anyway.  Good luck!


Web Content Writer – Montreal

Company:  Not Stated
Onsite/Telecommute:  Not stated – I would apply and they can always choose not to respond
Key Requirements:  None stated
Compensation:  $35.00/page and up


ARG Writers

Company:  Not named
Key Requirements:  Some alternate reality gaming and other experience preferred
Compensation:  10-15.00/post (note – I think this is a little low for the ARG market but you may not – plus factor in exchange.)

Visual Arts Writer

Company:  Artist
Key Requirements:  Write well about their paintings
Compensation:  $175.00 needs Bloggers

Key Requirements:  Expertise in subject areas listed
Compensation:  Per post with bonus potential
Note: is a verrah cool site, I highly recommend signing up on it regardless of whether or not you apply for this position.

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