Generation Y is Tailor Made for Freelancing

Over the past few years traditional businesses have lamented about the hiring difficulties involved with “Generation Y”, the generation just after Douglas Coupland’s famous Generation X’ers.  They want too much money, they do work with Ipod earbuds in their ears and they instant message faster than a Guitar Hero champion can shred the final level.  All this and they tend to do a good job, so they can’t be faulted for these little idiosyncracies without immediately looking for and getting hired at another firm.

Today’s article on about Generation Y getting “hit hard” by the downturn is obviously written from the previous generational standpoint.  What most Gen X’ers don’t get is Generation Y’s inherent capacity to not freak out.  This is why they don’t kiss ass and promptly throw policy and procedure books in the garbage straight from the mailroom.  It isn’t that they don’t care, they just see through corporate bullshit in about two seconds.

If they have the skill, most Gen Y’ers make excellent freelance writers.  They work to deadlines without anxiety and they inherently “get” writing for the web, a skill those used to writing for print need to actually learn.  My advice to those that the writer of this piece marginalizes as hobos on the career highway, probably out of fear that they will snap up his job, is to pick up a book on freelance writing and see if you think you can manage it.  With the proper background, I’m willing to bet that most of you can.

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