Kitch Art Magazine Seeks Contributors

Kitch Art magazine is looking for contributors.

While writing experience is valuable, simple, strong words that convey human nature’s creative side are what we’re looking for. We pay 20-25 cents per assigned word depending on experience; require one-time hard-copy and electronic rights; and occasionally require negotiable reproduction rights. Producer retains copyright. Offers small kill fee. Pays on publishing. Does not pay expenses.

Kitch Art is an English-language, bi-monthly magazine, published in February, April, June, August, October and December. It is based in Kitchissippi, in the central-west end of Ottawa, Canada. Content covers the entire city and surrounding regions and their people. The magazine focuses on the creative process rather than on product (we leave repertoire analysis to those who like to analyze).We focus on people who have come to that process kicking and screaming (often later in life and after a career in the mainstream) or those who believe they have no other choice in life. Content tries to illustrate a positive take on motivation and execution and how this approach is often community oriented. Each issue of the magazine has a loose theme.

The magazine buys 3-4 contributions each issue:

  • Event features – 600 words with photo or illustration (not standard promotional photos). These pieces are about a creative person or collective which will be involved in an upcoming event happening during the two months that the magazine will be on stands. The story will focus on the person or group, explaining, somewhat biographically, what the creative process is and how it was arrived at. The event is simply the time context not the focus.
  • Columnist – 800 words. The writer will be able to explain in simple, excellent prose how they react to experiencing creative processes, such as consumption of a piece of art, interacting with a creative individual or event or explaining how the creative process works. This is an opinion piece, but must be able to convey how creativity affects them or others. This is not Creative Writing 101. Each contribution must fit to some degree the issue’s theme.
  • Individual features – 1,000 -1,200 words. These stories are about individual creatives, mostly biographical to show why they are where they are today. We rarely assign these, but if you have a good idea that fits our style, we will consider it.
  • We also accept photos and other illustrations – fees are negotiable.

Please query for writers guidelines. Your writing samples will be required after contact. Please contact Mike Levin at, 613 233-9970 or 613 327-9970.

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