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I got a great e-mail today from one of our readers suggesting that I do reciprocal links (I link to you, you link to me!) for the blog.  I should have suggested this from the get-go.  Actually, what I have done is created a whole new page just for you guys where you can advertise your writing services and get a backlink from my site.

The process is simple – link to me from your links page or a blog posting with a link.  Then, e-mail me with the address of the page that you have placed my link on, and a one sentence description of your services, and I will add you to “Writer Links”.

“Writer Links” will be a great way to get the people who come here looking for writers looking at you.  If you don’t have a website, here is another excuse to get one.

Simply e-mail us through our contact form with the requested information.  I don’t want to get spammed to death, otherwise I’d just make it easy and put the e-mail here.

You can simply cut and paste the description I’ve prepared below, or come up with one of your own:

Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs
The premiere free source of writing leads for Canadian writers.

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