Resume Writing Services – What Do You Think Of Them?

After trolling through the boards for a good few months, I’ve seen a number of ads advertising to hire resume writers. Usually they pay very little. What do they do? They rewrite resumes.

I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this until I got into a conversation with a lady who runs free resume workshops for a non-profit. She said that people tend to devalue things that are available for free, even if they are the same items that they can pay for. Resume workshops are one of those things.

If you are a lawyer, executive, or other such professional, associations that you probably belong to will probably offer you free resume help. If not, you probably want to pay for it at that point. If you are an office worker or any other average joe making under $100,000 a year, you probably want to try any one of the free resume workshops that are available in your city before paying exorbitant rates to have someone who makes $10.00 an hour have a look at your resume. If I were in that situation, I’d probably go to the free workshop and then pay for the service if I wasn’t getting any results.

I do believe in resume editing services. Many resumes that I used to see in my former corporate incarnation came with spelling and grammar mistakes that I certainly noticed. That’s where you want to pay a writer or editor to fix things up, and any freelance writer could do that for you. You would think that they do this in free resume workshops, but the people running these workshops are usually HR types, not writers, so you may be left on your own in that department.

What do you all think? What would a proper rate be to edit a standard 1-2 page resume, and have any of you had an experience either working for or purchasing a product from a resume writing service? Are they “on the level” ethically?

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