Letter and Reply from “Web Content Writer Wanted for Free” Company

One of our intrepid readers, John Kulczycki, sent in a response that he received from the “Web Content Writer for Free” being advertised on Toronto Craigslist after he wrote them to challenge them on the ad. The reply is nonsensical considering that the initial ad asks the writer to work for no pay until they “prove themselves”, and also uses words like “asswipe” and “ass” when referring to John. We’d love to get the company name if anyone has it for public posting.

Just a quick recap – the link to the posting is now down. This company posted a long detailed job ad with many requirements and duties, referring to the position as an internship with no pay until you “prove yourself” in downtown Toronto. For the record, if you are in downtown Toronto and you are just starting out without much of a portfolio, you can land a junior copywriter position for no less than $30,000 with a BA or a college diploma with benefits after 3-6 months. Never, never work for free unless it is an internship position as part of a co-op program through your school.

While I usually don’t go in for basting a company like this on the public spit, the initial smarmy nature of the ad and their response to John’s e-mail, which was really no more than light-hearted teasing, sort of gets my hackles up. It also reveals the true nature of people who want you to work for free and serves as a great insight into their character. Without further adieu:

“Dear John,

You sent us an email stating:

You forgot

– Must get coffee on command and fetch other things too
– Must be eternally grateful for this opportunity to be enslaved
– Must roll over and play dead on command when I’m trying to impress people

In your “Requirements”

You see John, if you were talented, skilled and smart enough, then you’d understand that you could take this job yourself and get paid off the bat, from day one- if you knew all that the job entails.

But instead, you choose to complain and disrespect companies that pay and respect those that work for them.

It’s OK  John, stay at home, keep looking for your dream job- let others take this one and make something of themselves while you stay at home and complain about real job offers.

All our contractors happily work from home, so fetching YOUR coffee for you is not gonna happen, since you are not the boss and nobody is your slave. BTW –  they all get paid VERY well- way more than you are making.

And NO, I don’t wish to expose our company name because of asswipes like you.

I want to take this opportunity and wish you the best of luck, BECAUSE unlike you I am not an ass and want you to succeed in the future.

Please grow up, it will help you land a real good job and make a future for yourself, don’t take your frustrations out on genuine hard working people and companies (not a start up) that work hard and pay all of their staff and contractors.”

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  1. I send “scoldie” letters to these cheeseballs all the time–and they are often very low-rent and profane in reply. I find it amusing–so unable to express themselves, yet so willing to take advantage of some beginner to do it for them. Still, writers take this stuff and believe this nonsense, so shame on some of us!

    August 8, 2009 at 8:51 am

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