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This has been posted and reposted and linked to so many times on so many writing blogs, and I usually like to be different. However, this is so awesome that if just one of you haven’t seen it yet, posting it was worth the effort.

What makes this more poignant is that Harlan Ellison is one of the most-lauded and prolific writers of all time, making the offer of “exposure” being exponentially laughable in this case.

For those of you familiar with “Star Trek”, Ellison penned the outstanding episode “City on the Edge of Forever” and famously went into a rant when producers changed his script. He’s also one of the best speculative fiction writers of all time, I highly recommend his books and short stories.

I also wanted to post it as a clear signal to anyone who comes here thinking that they can get writers to work for free – you can’t. Not on my watch, anyway.


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