Potential Lockout at Transcontinental in Quebec

This is just in French for now, but La Presse has reported that negotiations with a Quebec union representing journalists have broken down, and Transcontinental may lock out journalists by the end of the week. I don’t pretend to understand the entire article, as my French is somewhat rusty, but the union is called┬áSyndicat de l’information Transcontinental-CSN (SIT-CSN). Looks like writers aren’t the only ones they’re having some trouble negotiating with.

If anyone wants to give some more details of the article that can understand French, please feel free to e-mail me with a link to your blog or stick it in an e-mail and I’ll post it and give you credit.


UPDATE: Link to Google translation of article, Transcontinental is strongarming its journalist workers. All the more reason to stop buying its magazines!


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