Freelance Writing Jobs for Holy Cow It’s St. Patrick’s Day.

I can name nearly every country in Europe as being a country that some ancestor of mine is from. I have Polish, Russian, English, Scottish, German and even some Dutch blood in me. The one country that I regrettably cannot claim any ancestry from is Ireland, even though I love Celtic music and Guiness I just can’t claim any national pride on St. Patty’s Day.

However, my guy can, so I guess that is a good enough link. His Irish nanny grew up in a mansion in Toronto during the great depression, when all of her relatives moved in with them. His great grandfather made a fortune as a shopkeeper and liked to play pranks like selling apples door to door with his sons for “charity”, then keeping the money. That’s where he gets his blarney from, and he sure does have a lot of it. Have a good one and remember; you are a writer so drinking is almost mandatory, no offense to any teetotalers amongst us meant. Have fun.

I am working on some fairly big things so posting on here will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks. Please bear with me and good luck with the jobs that I did have the time to round up today.

Technology Writers Needed

Stockwatch Copy Editor, Van

Sports Writers, T-Dot

Freelance Writer Wanted, Anywhere

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