Shakespeare Wrote For Money Too

If you are a fan of the bard, like many writers are, you probably know a bit about his life. Most of the plays he wrote, he wrote for money. That is why he appealed to the poor, the working class, and the nobles with each play all in one go; he had to in order to make money.

I don’t doubt that he loved the art, but that doesn’t get rid of the fact that he was pimping his work out for cash. He wasn’t some gentried noble that just tossed off a play in between hunts when he was bored; brother had to work it.

If you are ever getting discouraged and feel that you won’t write that novel or that script one day because you are spending too much time “writing for money”, don’t worry; some of your best pieces will be ones that you write for money. Just like good old Shakespeare. Every day you spend writing is another day that you spend working out those literary muscles and getting yourself in shape for “the big one”, whatever that may be. In the final summation, your “big one” may just be your life’s work, and that is good enough.

Don’t worry about the subtext, the metaphors, the grammar use, the word substitutions, or any of that within reason. If it is good enough to get paid for, it is still your art.

If you happen to be in the Stratford, Ontario region this summer, Christopher Plummer will be playing Prospero in The Tempest. Which really, you can’t miss if you’re a Shakespeare fan. It may actually be illegal in some alternate dimension to miss that performance. So don’t.

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