Halifax Chronicle Freelancers Unfairly Terminated Over Refusal to Sign Rights-Grabbing Contract

Freelancers who work for (or did work for) the Halifax Chronicle Herald are engaged in a fight that affects all of us. The newspaper has arbitrarily imposed a new freelance contract on its contributors that takes virtually all rights, and pays nothing in return.

A group of freelancers, led by some of Nova Scotia’s best-known authors, has taken a stand to say “no” to this rights-grab. So now the newspaper is refusing to even talk about it, has basically fired all these long-standing freelancers, and is seeking replacements.

We ask that you ignore these ads. Don’t respond, or better still, do respond by saying that you’d be happy to work for the Chronicle Herald just as soon as the paper resolves its dispute with its existing freelancers.

You can read all about the efforts to get a fair deal by going to: http://howenow.ca/ And you can also read the actual contract and other documents at: http://www.cfunion.ca/Halifax_Freelancers/

Finally, if you are interested in learning about the history of your business, please check out: http://www.cfunion.ca/vision/income.html. You will see what has happened to rates and rights over the decades.

The Canadian Freelance Union has been created to help reverse these trends. It would be great to have you join us: http://www.cfunion.ca/forms/dues_form.html

-Michael OReilly, President, CFU

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