Become Moneyville’s Next Blogger

The Toronto Star is holding a contest that promises real money for the next blogger for their Moneyville website. While you are required to give financial tips to enter, the most free they’ll get out of this is a whole bunch of story ideas that the potential writers would likely have had anyway. $4,000 for 13 weeks of blogging ain’t half bad. Enter here.

For those more skeptical who want to read more, here are the rules and regulations. While the rights contract is a bit offside, this isn’t out of the realm of what most organizations ask for in blog postings, and you aren’t being asked for moral rights. You are paid approximately $100.00 a post if you are the grand prize winner, a rate that isn’t too shabby for what is contained in the usualĀ post.

Better than running a contest for the chance to be a blogger for free, or inviting people to blog a la Huffington Post and then selling their free work for a collectively huge dollar value. Hopefully we’ll see more of these contests in the future.

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