Canadian Writer Profile – Kait Fowlie

Kait Fowlie is far from the typical young writer just out of University. Through a mix of tenacity and talent, Kait has an impressive list of publications in her portfolio that she’s grown over the past five years, including Canadian Living,, Brick, and We had a great chat with Kait to find out more about the path that led her to success.

Kait grew up in Brantford and moved to Toronto for the inspiring literary scene. She graduated from Ryerson in April 2011 from the Arts & Contemporary Studies Program, where she majored in English. She’s really inspired by the Victorian literature that she studied in school. She interned with Brick, the blog, and she is now interning with Bunch. She loves writing very much and it comes naturally to her.

She’s very interested in the intersection of writing and media, and is completing an internship with a media consulting company, Bunch Family Media, right now. Kait has found it relatively easy to transition from internships to paid gigs. She Does the City is paid, Canadian Living pays, and her Bunch internship pays. She says that “it is difficult to make transition if you aren’t gung-ho. I’m very motivated and it is a joy. I’m willing to work hard for it.”

Tips for Other Young Writers
We asked her if she had any tips for other writers who are just starting their careers. “Making connections. Young writers are intimidated by idea of making connections. They think of it as some weird, superficial thing we have to do. If you genuinely give of  yourself as a person you’ll get somewhere eventually. Your professional self doesn’t have to be different from your own self.”

What was the biggest factor that helped out her career?  She Does the City was her first real “gig” and she’s still writing for it. As she puts it, the blog “opened her universe” and made her get out and explore the great city of Toronto. Right now, she is writing the most for, a trendspotting blog. The blog is along the lines of the type of writing she’d like to do in the future.

You can follow Kait on her blog at and through her prolific posts at

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