Canadian Writer Profile – Travis Shuman

Writing has always come naturally to Travis Shuman. He got his start when he was still in grade school, kicking off a short fantasy novel in a moment of boredom. He liked it so much, that he kept going back to the computer to write for hours every night. He attended college for massage therapy, but found that it wasn’t really what he wanted to do. Each time he’d try to find a new career path, he kept finding his way back to writing. He slowly began to acquire clients and has now been freelancing for three years.

Finding work when it sometimes feels like everyone’s a writer, and being able to take criticism when receiving feedback can sometimes prove challenging. To him, however, the best part of freelancing is just being able to do exactly what he loves: “As soon as I get to start writing, I enjoy it from start to finish. It doesn’t even feel like I’m working. It feels great.”

He’s enjoying his current gig as a freelance article writer for a site called Egotastic. “I basically write about gaming and technology, and that’s kind of the other thing I’ve really enjoyed in life. So to be able to combine writing and gaming together is perfect… Writing’s great, but writing about what you love is the best.”

While some writers may seek the quiet and solitude of an empty study, Travis, who got his start freelancing on the side while working at the mall, finds that surrounding himself with white noise and activity can help reduce writer’s block. When it comes to hitting the keys and knocking out a story, he describes himself as old-fashioned, preferring a typewriter instead of the usual laptop. And for those ideas that strike when on the go, he carries a notebook with him all the time.

You can find Travis on Facebook, where he provides updates on his writing career.

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