More Transcontinental Contract Shenanigans

Back in 2009, Transcontinental Media made some changes to its contracts with writers that rankled many in the industry. Transcon has changed its contracts again, now effectively clawing back moral rights, allowing itself to remove your byline from your piece, and some other nasty stuff. Read all about it over at Story Board.

I’m not exactly a huge contributor to Canadian magazines; I could probably count the number of articles I’ve done for them on two hands over the course of my writing career. But this is very disturbing for anyone who relies on writing for Canadian mags to pay the bills. If you’re one of those affected by the new contract, get in touch with Keith Maskell at CMG ( to see what you can do about it.

Transcontinental does not publish a full list of its publications on its website, and its Wikipedia entry only includes a handful of its magazines. The most extensive list of its publications I could find online was from a site formed when the 2009 Transcon boycott was in full swing, so it may be a bit out of date. If anyone can send me a link to a better list, I’ll be happy to post that instead.

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