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The, Canada’s premier lifestyle destination web site, is looking for new contributors for our expanding Money section. In The Loop’s Money section, we provide advice on smart spending, and our tools and experts simplify the often complicated financial world to guide you through significant life events, like home purchases, saving for education, and planning for retirement. And we do it in an engaging and entertaining way.

We are looking for a fun and talented writer who has very intimate knowledge of money news and trends across Canada but also has the ability to make learning about personal finance as fun as it is practical.

Naturally, you have a burning desire to be a member of an amazing editorial team. But before you apply, please ask yourself these questions:

Do you have…

  • A masterful command of the English language?
  • A proven track record writing column-style articles for a major publication?
  • A clear writing style that is both sassy and instructional?
  • A keen sense of value for money, and strong, practical approaches to good financial health?
  • Basic desktop image-editing skills?

If the answer is a resounding “YES!” to all of them, then you’re almost ready to wow us with your resume. There’s just one more thing we need: Two (2) samples of your writing that exhibit the qualities that we are looking for in our money articles, specifically:

  • A fun and approachable writing style
  • The ability to deliver quality information with a somewhat sassy tone
  • Strong personal finance skills and the ability to deliver helpful advice on money matters in an engaging manner

The samples do not need to have been featured in publications, though obviously that would be a nice touch.

Finally – and we’re sorry to throw this at you now that you’re clearly on the verge of hitting “send” – you must be a Canadian citizen, currently living in Canada.

Forward resume and writing samples to:

Office location: Toronto, ON
Writers can telecommute

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