Puzzle Writers for Logic Problems

We’re looking to hire people who are able to produce the classic
grid-based logic puzzles such as in the example here:-
We are a mobile gaming company and need them for some new apps we are
working on.
Making the grid itself and setting the answers are fairly simple –
it’s the creative writing aspect of making the clues that is the
challenge to making a good logic puzzle. You want to have as few clues
as possible to reach the solution and have them as cryptic as
“Mr Jones got on the 10am bus” is boring, but “Mr Jones got on the bus
after the man from Toronto but before the woman carrying the
briefcase” is much more cryptic.
If you are interested / able to create these type of puzzles then we
want to hear from you. We will pay you $30 for every puzzle you send
us that is approved for publication.
You can do this as a one off every now and then or send us large
amounts of puzzles on a regular basis – it’s entirely up to you. We
have an ongoing need for them so your supply will never outdo our

Contact Name: Charles Goodall
Company Name: Gemini Web
E-mail for applications: charlie@geminiweb.co.uk

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