Outpost Magazine Looking for Adventure Travel Writers

We at Outpost magazine are looking to employ a columnist or two to write for us and want to find dynamic and unique voices who can do that. We would appreciate your help if you could spread the word around for us.
About us:
Outpost has been and continues to be Canada’s best adventure-travel publishing. Outpost has been around for over two decades and have won prestigious awards in Canada and are well-known for our long-form travel adventure pieces. You can check us out at https://outpostmagazine.com/
About the Job:
We are looking for columnists who can write dynamic travel stories with conviction. You can live anywhere in the world, or travel to any spot on the planet. But to become Outpost’s new online columnist, you have to be able to write about it in a way that’ll knock our readers’ socks off. So we’re looking for pitches on the kind of column you’d write if given the chance—tips, profiles, commentary, destination stories, whatever. Surprise us. Tell us what you love.

For more tips on that, applicants can visit us on our page at  https://outpostmagazine.com/column-contest-open-call-for-new-travel-writers/


To clarify the terms: this is a paid freelance position for outpostmagazine.com. You’ll be writing columns—anywhere from 800 to 1,000 words, though more is fine if you can justify it—every two weeks for at least four months on pre-established deadlines.

After that, we can assess how things are going and maybe together decide whether we want to continue.

We’ll pay CAD$50 per article via PayPal. You’ll get a bio and headshot at outpostmagazine.com, so people can fall in love with that winning smile.

How and where to apply:

We begin by May 2, 2017. Just send an email to columns@outpostmagazine.com with your concept pitch, a resume or bio, a brief introductory letter (keep it to one page) and your Twitter/Instagram handle, and do it before May 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


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