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E-Mail Newsletter Writer


Editorial Specialist, Toronto

Publications Coordinator, Vancouver

Media Relations Coordinator, Vancouver

Bilingual Writer, Toronto

Writer, Ottawa

Writer/Editor, Ottawa

Creative Writer, Rogers, Edmonton

Advertising Writer, Newfoundland

Web Writer, Calgary


E-Mail Newsletter, Toronto

Dance School Needs Writers

Style & Health Bloggers, Toronto

Writers Needed, Vancouver

November 3, 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs

Quick and dirty since I had some internet connection problems this AM, but some good leads that I’ve applied for myself! Good luck to all of you.


Document Specialist, Ottawa


Health & Fitness Writers, Toronto

Report Editor/Application Processor

Fashion Fanatics, Toronto

Online Magazine Needs Transcription

Academic Writing Expert

“Content Provider”; Trendy Phrase or a Rename?

The jury’s still out on that question with me. The Twitterverse and the Intertubes are alive with the buzz of the “content provider” and their role in the rapidly changing online world. When did “writer” evolve to “content provider” and why?

For some of my projects, I don’t just write. I’ll confess to a certain amount (sometimes a boatload) of graphic gathering and manipulation in addition to writing. Technically, this would move me into the world of the new catchphrase. Think about what you do. When you write a blog post, are you looking for pics or videos to go with it?

“Content Provider” is also a little less intimidating to the layperson than “writer”. Let’s face it, we can be an intimidating bunch, with our grammatical sophistries (yeah, yeah, keep it simple, but look it up anyway… fun word) and acerbic wit. “The writer” conjures up images of greats that we couldn’t ever possibly hope to mimic, while “content provider” feels utilitarian and cool.

In the end, I prefer “writer”. Mostly because I always wanted to be one, full-time, and I’m living the dream. What do you prefer?

Monday, November 2, 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs


Assistant Editor, Calgary

Bilingual Editor, Pharma News, Montreal

Managing Editor, Kamloops

For Comedy Value:  News Writer, Canwest, Toronto
Note: Canwest is currently in bankruptcy proceedings. Who knew this meant a new, promising career?

News Writer, Bird Cove, Newfoundland

Assistant Fashion Editor, Flare Magazine, Toronto


Mortgage Insider Wanted for Articles

Blog/Article Writer

Daily Finance Article Writer

Blog about Performing Arts, Montreal

Wordsmith/Healthcare Writer for Vancouver

Friday, October 30th 2009 – Freelance Writing Jobs


AOL Canada Seeks Online Lifestyle Editor

Creative Writer, Winnipeg Radio

Creative Writer, Edmonton


Speechwriter, Canada-Wide

Experienced Copywriter

SEO Link Building/Writing

Fitness & Health Writers Wanted