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Friday, November 20th 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs

I’ve seen a spate of ads for Suite 101 lately. Word to the wise: they don’t pay well enough. They promise residual income, but trust me, that huge carrot they are dangling in front of your face is a giant lump of… well, something else.

Here are how ads on websites work, for those who don’t already know. A well-traveled niche blog like this one MIGHT make fifty cents a day, if we are lucky. Suite 101 undoubtedly makes more, but here’s the kicker; they won’t share all of it with you. You will also not receive any kind of proper statistics report that will show exactly how many people have visited your article, unless it is washed through Suite 101 staff first. If you have a solidly performing article, which unfortunately requires more search engine optimization knowledge than writing knowledge, you may get residual income of a few bucks a month. For most, that princely sum is a pipe dream.

Do yourself a favour and do not write for any outfit that promises residual income; residual income is just another term for “we are screwing writers” and you know how I feel about that. Doesn’t matter how new you are, you can find something that pays.

Not a lot today, I have another morning of scrambling to get out the door, but hopefully the above tip saved you some precious time you could be spending on something more profitable.


News Writer, Calgary

Staff Writer, Toronto


Agency Seeks Writers, Vancouver

Thursday, November 19 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs

This will be a short one today – have to get out the door this morning. Good luck!


Web  Writer, Kitchener

Communications Specialist, Insurance, Guelph

Senior Writer, Toronto

Chi Activate Writer, Vancouver


Medical Writer

Writer/Reporter Vancouver

Real Estate Writer, Vancouver

Wednesday, November 18 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs

Full Time

Senior Writer, Toronto

Sales Copywriter, Richmond


Freelance Financial Writer

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RT @58Ninety: Toronto: Looking for a Canadian French copywriter/translator that can write for the web! DM us.

November 17, 2009 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs


French Copywriter, Vancouver

Junior Copywriter/Graphic Designer, Mississauga

Editor, Calgary

Sports Reporter, Athabasca, Alberta

Senior Writer, Ottawa

Writer, Ottawa


Web Content Writer, Toronto, London, or Sarnia

Freelance Tech Writer, Rogers

Researchers/Writers for Book on Social Media

Internet Marketing Bloggers

Copywriter for New Non-Profit Website

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, November 16 2009


Communications Coordinator, City of Vancouver

Writer for Agency, Montreal

Business Writer with Graphics Skills, Toronto


Bilingual Copywriter, Toronto

Part-Time Writers, Vancouver

Freelance Children’s Writer, Vancouver

Freelance Writers, Vancouver