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Friday, March 20, 2009

It’s almost the weekend!  Next week, look out for some twitterpimping on the blog.  I highly recommend getting a Twitter account for all of you writers out there.  You can tweet stuff like links to your work, how your day is going, not what you had for lunch (unless it was exotic and singularly awesome), and generally just join the human community that is Twitter.  On to the weekend, but first, your leads…


Children’s Writer – Toronto
Company:  Kid’s Help Phone
Link:  http://charityvillage.com/applicant/jobs.asp?fn=view&g_varID=131693
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  3 years experience writing for the web, 5 years experience writing for children, associated degree,

Communications Officer – Vancouver
Company:  Canadian Mental Health Association, BC
Link:  http://charityvillage.com/applicant/jobs.asp?fn=view&g_varID=131647
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  at least one year in a post-secondary program, editorial skills
Compensation:  $28,000-$36,000

Bilingual Writer/Editor – Ottawa
Company:  Accreditation Canada
Link:  http://charityvillage.com/applicant/jobs.asp?fn=view&g_varID=131665
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite:
Key Requirements:  French, related University degree, 2 years experience
Compensation:  $51,197/annum

News Writer – Winnipeg
Company:  Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
Link: http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/dispjb_eng.aspx?OrderNum=4332637&Source=JobPosting
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Diploma, 5 years experience

Copywriter – Mississauga
Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/mss/wri/1082661356.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Diploma, 2 years experience, knowledge and previous experience in ecommerce, be a high performer… wait, I don’t think that means what they think it means… ; )

Social Writer
Company:  Not Stated, and the ad is a bit vague.
Link:  http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/wri/1083248572.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute
Key Requirements:  Knowledge of HTML


Technology Blogger Wanted

Online Writing Tutors

African American Fashion & Beauty Magazine

Friday, January 16th 2009

FWJ will follow a bit of a different format over the next couple of weeks while I am on hiatus.  It will just list the job name and the link.  Do not worry, intrepid readers, the more detailed format you know and love will return at the beginning of February.

Kid’s Help Phone Children’s Writer – Toronto
Company:  Kids Help Phone
Link:  http://www.workopolis.com/EN/job/10563218
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  5 years experience writing for kids 9-16, 3 years experience writing for the web, including writing scripts for online features and games, BA in communications
Salary:  Not Stated

Advertising and Marketing Agency Writer – Burlington
Company:  TL Design & Marketing Inc.
Link:  http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/dispjb_eng.aspx?OrderNum=4236627&Source=JobPosting
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  5 years or more experience (doesn’t say what but we can safely assume writing in a marketing environment)
Compensation:  TBA

Writer for Agency – Ottawa
Company:  The Pollack Group recruiting for a company
Link:  http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/dispjb_eng.aspx?OrderNum=4234500&Source=JobPosting
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Bilingual in English and French, both Written and Spoken, 2-3 years experience
Salary:  30,000-40,000/annum

The Shopping Channel – Web Copywriter – Mississauga
Company:  The Shopping Channel
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/mss/wri/994343218.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Degree in Journalism, 2 years experience
Salary: TBA

Canada and US – Real Weddings seeks Op-Ed Pieces
Company:  Real Weddings Magazine
Link:  http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/wri/994208539.html
Key Requirements:  Pitch story with an angle about your wedding, see ad for details
Compensation:  TBD


Fashion Blogger
Company:  usabrandsonline.com
Link:  http://jobs.problogger.net/view/1945
Key Requirements:  Background in fashion
Compensation:  TBA

Content Writer – Catalogs.com
Company:  Catalogs.com
Link:  http://jobs.problogger.net/view/1952
Key Requirements:  Have some Word writing samples and a resume
Compensation:  Can be between $650-$750 per assignment