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Part Two – Why You Shouldn’t Take Low-Paying or No-Pay Jobs

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I promised more on this subject and it is truly an inexhaustable one. Today we’ll cover building a portfolio and charity work.

You Don’t Need to Volunteer to Build a Portfolio

Yes, you will have a hard time finding work until you build your portfolio. No, this does not mean that you will have to work for free until your portfolio gels into something that most people would be interested in. In fact, most of the companies that will showcase well in a portfolio will not hesitate to pay you. Visa will not ask you to work for free, because they certainly don’t.

Jobs that bill themselves as “a great way to build your portfolio” simply aren’t if they don’t pay more than minimum wage. Granted, you may need to take something at a lower pay scale than you are comfortable with to start off, but you never need to work for free or close to it.

We’re a Charity – You Should Be One Too

In all fairness I haven’t heard of many organizations using this line. However, non-profits do ask for a discount. What to do? If the business is in Canada, you can offer them a discount if they offer to make up the difference for a receipt for donation-in-kind. This will help you out at tax time.

Steer well clear of job ads that advertise that the job is for a charity so they aren’t paying as much as usual. Real charities actually pay quite well, since marketing is an integral part of their fundraising efforts.

They Take Up Your Time

The time cost of taking one of these gigs is huge. Economists call it the “opportunity cost”. The time that you are spending on a volunteer gig can be more fruitfully spent marketing yourself and applying to higher-paying gigs. Two hours spent sending off query letters to magazines will probably net you a lot more return than two hours that you have spent churning out articles on security systems.

In the interest of keeping it short and sweet, that is all I have for now. Do you have reasons that you don’t think people should take low-paying or no-pay gigs? Post them below.