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Why Revenue Sharing is Bullshit

Yes, a strong word.  Bullshit.  Complete, total, raving bullshit.  The downturn in the economy has seemed to lure out the vultures that claim that they want to “pay” for your writing when the ad dollars start rolling in.  Here is why that is not a good idea.

Freelancewritingjobs.ca gets about 60 unique visitors a day by the time you carve out all of the search engine spiders and non-human traffic.  That’s not too shabby, especially since we started last October.  However, this traffic only nets us on average about a quarter a day.

Multiply our traffic numbers by 10 and we’re still not talking about huge dollar amounts that prospective writers can partake in – and those numbers are site-wide.

Revenue sharers often only want to share revenue on the page that your article is placed on, not their entire site.  What is that then – 0.25 a month?  I don’t think so.

Then there are the more legitimate seeming outlets that get you all excited about the prospect of revenue sharing so that they can pay you untenable initial rates for your article (cough*Bright Hub*cough).   Watch out for that little tactic as well, since it is equally flogged and equally unforgivable.

Another great thing about revenue sharers is that you can flag them on Craigslist and have their ads removed if they are in the “writing jobs” section as those must be paid jobs.  This will force them to go back and post in the “writing gigs” section, which looks less legitimate and isn’t as used.  Please feel free to join me in cleansing them from the world of the Intertubes.