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Friday, January 2nd 2009

A salute to those of us who are working our fingers off on a day when nobody else is.  *raises coffee.

I literally only have one job to post today, that’s how thin it is out there.  I hope to inundate everyone next week with all of the jobs that people are going to want to post after the holidays.  This is the calm before the storm!


Website Content – Toronto

Company:  Individual
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/wri/976511544.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute, but Toronto specified
Key Requirements:  Writer that does websites 😉
Compensation:  $100.00

Wednesday, October 8 2008

Holistic Blogger Needed

Company:  Not Specified
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/wri/870073379.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute
Key Requirements:  Ability to write unique, insightful posts on a long-term basis.
Compensation:  TBD

Product Copywriter – Mississauga

Company:  The Shopping Channel
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/mss/wri/869278540.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite, Mississauga, Full-Time
Key Requirements:  Strong HTML, write 30-50 product descriptions per day; experience writing for retail businesses, preferably online.
Compensation:  $40,000/a

Freelance Writer and Researcher – Montreal

Company:  Not Specified
Link:  http://montreal.en.craigslist.ca/wri/869170933.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute, but must have access to extensive library
Key Requirements:  Academic writing with formal citations, must submit samples with same, other
Compensation:  TBD

Marketing Writer – Research In Motion
Company:  Research In Motion
Link:  http://www.workopolis.com/EN/job/10138571
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite, Waterloo, Full-Time
Key Requirements: Marketing Degree Required, minimum 5 years experience product launch, etc.
Compensation:  TBD
Note:  This company has killer benefits.  If salary doesn’t seem high check out house prices around Waterloo – actually not that bad.  Octoberfest is held there every year as well.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008

Gourmet Food Blogger – Montreal

Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://montreal.en.craigslist.ca/wri/858792976.htm
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute, within 50 k of Montreal
Key Requirements:  Passion for food, innate writing ability for different audiences.
Compensation:  $15-20 an hour.

Web Content & Technical Writer

Company:  Intellex
Link:  Click Here for more
Key Requirements:  See link – 2 jobs are in this posting.
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite, Edmonton
Compensation:  TBD