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Ireland Tax Free For Writers

This may not be in keeping with the patriotic nature of this site, but I just had to tell everyone – writers in Ireland live tax free!!

Yes, the home of James Joyce, Guiness, and Boxty also does not charge you any tax to be a writer.  Unless you make over 250,000 euros a year doing so.  Quite frankly, if I am making half a million dollars a year, I don’t mind sharing so much with the politicians.

Realistically, writers living in Canada probably make on average about $35,000 to $60,000 per year, with most falling in the lower end of that bracket.  Then we have our tax rate which readily shaves a bunch off of that, even with the writeoffs that we enjoy having our own businesses in Canada.

What I am saying is, you could emigrate to Ireland and thereby automatically give yourself a raise of thousands of dollars per year.  Personally, I would probably end up spending those thousands of dollars flying back to see my family a couple of times a year, so it wouldn’t be worth it.  But for younger writers starting out – is this such a bad option?  I think not…