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Wednesday March 18, 2009

Good morning all – I hope you aren’t all feeling the kick of the Irish tiger this morning.  Nothing like a few job leads to sweep those cobwebs away!

A quick note on Key Requirements I don’t include – when a company is asking for a “command of the English Language”, “communication skills”, or “proficiency in MS Office”, I’m just going to assume you all have those things because you’re writers.  I only list the “hard” requirements such as a diploma, years of experience, or unusual software (i.e. Adobe Audition).


Direct Response Copywriter – Vancouver
Company:  Citymax
Link:  http://jobview.monster.ca/getjob.aspx?JobID=79931765
Key Requirements:  2 years direct response copywriting experience, reasonable typing speed
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite

Editor/Resource Coordinator – Toronto
Company:  United Church of Canada
Link:  http://www.workopolis.com/EN/job/10686798
Key Requirements:  5-7 years related experience, degree
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Compensation:  $42,000-$56,000

Communications Co-ordinator – Victoria
Company:  AviaWest Resorts
Link:  http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/dispjb_eng.aspx?OrderNum=4327603&Source=JobPosting
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  3-5 years experience

Copywriter – Vancouver
Company:  Mountain Equipment Co-Op
Link:  http://www.workopolis.com/EN/job/10681614
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Familiarity with MEC gear, 2-3 years experience writing for all media
Compensation:  $30,000-$49,999


The Glass Hammer Seeks Bloggers

Editor With Experience with InCopy

Website Seeks Affiliate Copywriter

Creative Blogger Needed

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi everyone!  I’ve added a bit more personal information about myself to the “What We Do” page.  If you care, jump on over and read my life story.  If you don’t, here are the leads!


Bilingual Editor/Website Analyst – Guelph
Company:  Netsweeper
Link:  http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/dispjb_eng.aspx?OrderNum=4304926&Source=JobPosting
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Some college, bilingual in French and English

Review Adult Dating Sites
Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/wri/1067010120.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute
Key Requirements:  Basic writing skills only
Compensation:  $25.00 per review

Home Furniture Blogger – Vancouver
Company:  Cymax
Link:  http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/wri/1066982801.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite
Key Requirements:  Minimum of 2 writing samples, experience writing professionally, post-secondary education, knowledge of internet marketing
Compensation:  Free gym membership!  Other benefits and competitive salary.


Website Copywriter

Tech Blogger – 10.00 US per post, a post a day preferred

General Blogger – 25.00 US per post

Friday March 6th, 2009

A happy Friday March 6th to everyone!  If you are a comic book fan like me, you have your tickets locked in for Watchmen at some point today.  Enjoy!  Here’s some leads to pay for that movie…


Internet Blogger – Vancouver
Company:  The Personnel Department (Placement Agency)
Link:  http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/dispjb_eng.aspx?OrderNum=4299597&Source=JobPosting
Key Requirements:  1-2 years experience
Compensation:  $32,000-$38,000 plus benefits
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite

Wikipedia Freak Wanted – Vancouver
Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/wri/1061867493.html
Key Requirements:  Be freaky for Wikipedia
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite

Freelance Writer for Real Estate Manual – Toronto
Company:  Remi Corp (if e-mail is the company)
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/mss/wri/1061433260.html
Key Requirements:  None listed
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite


Brochure writer wanted for investment audience

Thursday October 30th, 2008


Part-Time Proofreader – Vancouver

Company:  Asentus Consulting Group
Link: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/wri/898368057.html
Onsite/Telecommute: Onsite, 20 Hours a week, Vancouver
Key Requirements:  Microsoft Office, excellent proofreading skills
Compensation:  TBD

Creative Writer – Website Content

Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/wrg/896161700.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute
Key Requirements:  2 verifiable references, writing skill
Compensation:  Your rate

Web Content Writer – The Peg

Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://winnipeg.en.craigslist.ca/wri/890143460.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite, Full Time
Key Requirements:  BA, 3 years internet writing experience
Compensation:  30,000 to 33,000


Note- all positions telecommute, let me know if they don’t hire you because you are Canadian and I will remove.

Snowboard Blogger/Writer For Popular Site

Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/wrg/898414058.html
Key Requirements:  A ripper who loves to board, blogger
Compensation:  TBD

Automotive Blogger

Company:  cargurus.com
LInk:  http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/wri/898220733.html
Key Requirements:  Car enthusiast, previous experience with online publication.
Compensation:  20.00/hour

Thursday, October 23 2008

Web Copy Writer – Vancouver

Company:  Not Stated
Link:  http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/wri/890082003.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Onsite, Full-Time
Key Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree, 3 years internet writing experience
Compensation:  $30K-$33K

Writers Wanted – Canada

Company:  National Womens Magazine
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/wri/890449176.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Telecommute
Key Requirements:  Expertise in requested topics
Compensation:  Not Stated

Financial Blogger – Toronto

Company:  Does Not State
Link:  http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/wri/890517113.html
Onsite/Telecommute:  Does Not State
Key Requirements:  In-depth economic knowledge
Compensation:  Not stated