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Transcontinental Digital Properties to Avoid

There has been a lot of talk about which Transcontinental magazines to avoid, but don’t forget to avoid clicking on ads and writing for the following Transcon-owned sites as well:

Friday, October 2 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs

Don’t write for Transcontinental Media. See this post for more.



Communications Specialist, 6 Months, Nanaimo

Corporate Communications, Sick Kids, Toronto


Health & Wellness Copywriter, Toronto

Sex Toy Writer, Vancouver


Ghostwriter wanted for Book

Freelance Writers for SuperPages

Potential Lockout at Transcontinental in Quebec

This is just in French for now, but La Presse has reported that negotiations with a Quebec union representing journalists have broken down, and Transcontinental may lock out journalists by the end of the week. I don’t pretend to understand the entire article, as my French is somewhat rusty, but the union is called Syndicat de l’information Transcontinental-CSN (SIT-CSN). Looks like writers aren’t the only ones they’re having some trouble negotiating with.

If anyone wants to give some more details of the article that can understand French, please feel free to e-mail me with a link to your blog or stick it in an e-mail and I’ll post it and give you credit.

UPDATE: Link to Google translation of article, Transcontinental is strongarming its journalist workers. All the more reason to stop buying its magazines!

More Happening Over at Canadian Mags on Transcontinental Contract Dispute

Hi everyone – I’m swamped busy but couldn’t resist posting the link to Canadian Magazines, the blog, where some good stuff is going on in terms of rebuttals to Transcontinental’s “poor us, we’re so misunderstood” musings. Visit:

Derek Finkle, the writer that brought the original case against Transcontinental, lists a blow by blow of exactly the actions that have been taken in the case and Transcontinental’s response. I can also back up from direct knowledge his assertion that writers were told that if they didn’t sign Transcons contract they would NOT GET PAID for articles they had already written. What is more, the contract is permanent, so getting out of the contract for articles written after the contract is signed is pretty near impossible. The only misstep the writer’s groups have made is to assure writers who have signed it that they will try to work something out – once you’ve signed that sucker, it is fairly clear that you have signed your rights away, although hopefully a student of contract law can offer a rosier view on that one. It doesn’t look so good to me.

Also, on Twitter, this seems to have morphed into an outright boycott on the magazines themselves, rather than a boycott on writing for them. I’m not disagreeing with that stance, and I’m sure other writers don’t either. If we don’t give this boycott some teeth it will not succeed. Please blog, Twitter, Facebook and otherwise spread the word on the intertubes that Canadian writers will not go quietly into indentured servitude. I know some of you are afraid of getting blacklisted, but trust me, there are enough publications and online businesses that require web content out there that will hire you. This blog was started just to help out Canadian writers who were having a hard time getting jobs, and we’ll continue to do that no matter how busy we get. Let’s stand up together for our rights as freelancers; if we don’t we will not win the day.

Thursday, October 1 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs

My post yesterday stirred up a lot of excitement, including a couple of newly acquired magazines asking to be taken off the list. In order to continue the activist theme, I’ll be starting every daily post with this missive until the whole affair is finished, at which point I’ll go back to each post and erase them all:

Don’t write for Transcontinental Media. See this post for more.



Junior Marketing Writer, Montreal

Marketing Writer, Calgary

Marketing Writer, Ganz, Toronto


Style & Fashion Experts Wanted

Commercial Real Estate Agent & Writer

Art Lovers Wanted, Toronto


Nice Salary, Auto Copywriter, Agency Will Pay Relocation Costs