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A semi-rush job for a client, a meltdown on my corporate website, one appointment and one meeting later, and the day ran away from me. Back tomorrow with a crop of leads for you and many apologies!!



Send a Message to Pay the Editor

Below please find the text of a letter I just sent to after reading the referenced LA times article. I encourage you to copy and paste it and rearrange it to suit your experience and opinions and do the same.

Hi There:

As a web writer, it has been my experience that major websites pay their writers, and pay their writers well. I was shocked to find that you not only do not pay one of your most experienced staff members, but that you have sold her this position as an unpaid internship. When you were asked about it, you said that it was a shining example of “women helping women”. No, not really. This is a shining example of taking advantage of a kind and experienced woman for your own profit.

I am referring to this LA Times article:

While I understand that the web is taking over print, I find this a particularly distasteful and profit-taking move on your part. This woman is a consultant and should be paid as such. I will be tweeting, blogging, and otherwise sharing my opinion. I will also no longer be visiting your site, except to remove myself from lists and accounts associated with it.

Tuesday, October 13, Freelance Writing Jobs

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Copywriter for Online Retail, Mississauga

Communications Specialist, Intuit, Mississauga

Bilingual Writer for 20 Week Contract, Toronto

SEO Business Copywriter/Editor, Vancouver

Web Content Writer, Kelowna

Writer/Editor, Regina

Web Writer, 6 Month Contract, Calgary


Copy for Christmas-themed website

Spa Copywriters for Videos – Montreal

Happy Thanksgiving Writers of Canada!


A little over a year ago, I decided to start this blog as part of my research into starting up a writing business. My theory was that if I could come up with a great daily list of leads, I’d be chugging along in no time. I’m happy to say that a year later, that dream has come true and along the way I’ve made a lot of you happy by sharing my daily list, even helping a few of you to land gigs along the way. I hope you’ve all taken a few days (or at least one) to relax with friends and family and enjoy the bounty of being a writer, both creatively and monetarily. Big hugs to you all!

Friday, October 9, 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs

Don’t write for Transcontinental Media. See this post for more.


Communications Officer, World Vision, Mississauga

Editor, Writer, Tech Reporter – Toronto

Writer, Chinese Speaking an Asset – Toronto (Etobicoke)


Female food bloggers for TV show, Toronto

Article about rollerskating, Vancouver

Lifestyle bloggers, Montreal

French Copyeditor, Six Month Contract – Toronto