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Break For Getting a Bit Political – Opposing the HST as Writers

If you service clients in Ontario or British Columbia, you are about to get some competition from a new tax called the HST.

I urge you to write the Ontario and BC governments if you are out of province, and in province contact your MPP.

Sample Letter

As a writer, I rely on Ontario/BC businesses for my income. If these businesses are suddenly slapped with the HST, when they were only used to paying GST before, this will be an immediate impact on their bottom line that they will feel, which may in turn translate to not purchasing my services. Real estate businesses are going to be hit particularly hard by this tax, and those clients that were in that sector were just starting to claw their way out of the recession.

The timing of this forced tax is wrong. If Ontario/BC were more prosperous, and was not trying to recover from the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs and the global economic recession, it may have been introduced without incident. However, right now, the extra money that businesses will be spending on the HST is a huge blow to the Ontario/BC economy.

I urge you to reconsider the adoption of this tax at this point in time.

Sincere Regards,

For more on the tax see this article and many others like it:

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 Writing Jobs



Writer, CTV News Toronto


Sports Writer for Articles

Writer for Snap Magazine

Sports/Proline Bloggers


Medical Copywriter
Note: I have contacted this company before to ask if they take Canadian applicants but did not receive a reply. Let me know if you get a negative response when applying to this position.

Parenting Freelance Blogger

Pro Copywriter Needed

Wednesday September 23, 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs


Web Content Writer, Toronto

Communications Coordinator, Vancouver

Video Game Writer – Edmonton
Note: Bioware = Awesome.

Associate Editor – the Law Times, Aurora


Wellness Writer, Vancouver

20 Weeks – Writer for Government – Toronto


Unique Content Creation

MMA Boxing Writer

Freelance Writer for Blog

Tuesday, September 22 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs


Reporter in Regina

Newspaper Reporter – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Radio Writer – Kentville, Nova Scotia

Copywriter, Lifestyles Global Network- Vaughan (north of Toronto)

Internet Marketing Writer – Vancouver


Chinese Canadian author sought to write book on Chinese Canadian culture

Mah New Ad For Freshbooks

I’ve put an ad up for a service called Freshbooks in the first sidebar. I can’t gush about Freshbooks enough. I have a head for finances like a leaky sieve. I also am in the nascent stages of building my business so there is no way I can afford an accountant for anything but taxes. However, I can afford $15.00/month, no problem.

Quickbooks, Quicken, AccPacc and the like require a lot of duplicate entries, assigning of meaningless numbers, etc. Freshbooks asks you to enter a client’s info once, and that’s it. The only massaging I have to do is making sure that my account is set to the right currency before I send out an invoice or an estimate, since they don’t yet have multi-currency support.

The best feature of Freshbooks is the fact that your clients can log in and pay you electronically from Paypal, all from one screen. They can also view past invoices, estimates, and generally everything you want them to see about their account. It makes you look professional, instantly.

Try it for free with just a few clients and you’ll be hooked as quickly as I was. Don’t forget to use my referral link so that I can save a little on my own fees.