Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

Monday, October 5, 2009 Freelance Writing Jobs

Don’t write for Transcontinental Media. See this post for more.


News Writer, Omni BC – Vancouver

Writer, MBS Radio – Kentville, NS

Editorial Assistant, UBC Vancouver

Production & Editorial Manager, Montreal


Travel Writer

Adult Online Magazine

Food & Nutrition Blogger

Canadian Substitutes for Transcontinental Magazines

Social media chatter has moved the “writing for Transcontinental” boycott firmly into “not buying any Transcontinental magazine” territory. If you want to cancel your subscriptions but still want Canadian magazine love, here is a list of suggestions for substitutions.

The Transcontinental property is on the left, substitutions to the right. —–>
Canadian Gardening ——–> Gardens West, Gardening Life
Canadian Home & Country ——–>
Canadian Living ———> Chatelaine
Elle Canada ———–> Flare, Chatelaine
Good Times ——–> Zoomer Magazine
More ———-> Most Magazine
Style at Home ——-> Canadian House and Home ——–> Any TV listings online
Vancouver Magazine —–>Granville (city mag with enviro bent, or the wonderful little Vancouver Review ( (thanks to Christine Rowlands for the update)
How to act? E-mail this post to your friends and family and ask them to make the substitutions until such time as Transcontinental rewrites its contract to be fair to writers. Let’s hit them where it hurts.

If you have more substitutions to note for these or other Transcontinental properties, please post them in the comments section.

I didn’t do a similar list for the French language websites and magazines as I have no clue about that segment of the industry. If you do, please post it on your blog, let me know, and I’ll link to it, or send in your suggestions and I’ll post them here. I’ll be happy to post in French on this subject.

Transcontinental Digital Properties to Avoid

There has been a lot of talk about which Transcontinental magazines to avoid, but don’t forget to avoid clicking on ads and writing for the following Transcon-owned sites as well:

Friday, October 2 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs

Don’t write for Transcontinental Media. See this post for more.



Communications Specialist, 6 Months, Nanaimo

Corporate Communications, Sick Kids, Toronto


Health & Wellness Copywriter, Toronto

Sex Toy Writer, Vancouver


Ghostwriter wanted for Book

Freelance Writers for SuperPages

Potential Lockout at Transcontinental in Quebec

This is just in French for now, but La Presse has reported that negotiations with a Quebec union representing journalists have broken down, and Transcontinental may lock out journalists by the end of the week. I don’t pretend to understand the entire article, as my French is somewhat rusty, but the union is called Syndicat de l’information Transcontinental-CSN (SIT-CSN). Looks like writers aren’t the only ones they’re having some trouble negotiating with.

If anyone wants to give some more details of the article that can understand French, please feel free to e-mail me with a link to your blog or stick it in an e-mail and I’ll post it and give you credit.

UPDATE: Link to Google translation of article, Transcontinental is strongarming its journalist workers. All the more reason to stop buying its magazines!