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You are here because you are a writer and looking for work. Maybe it’s your first time; maybe it’s just not your dream portfolio yet. Regardless, this resource is here to help.

You’ll find a wide range of resources on this page that will show you how to get the most out of your time.

This site lists writing job opportunities for Canadian writers and writers across the globe. However, there are in-house jobs that can only be done by those who are residing in Canada. Therefore the list is divided into main parts:

  • Canadian writing tasks- for writers that are physically present in Canada
  • Remote tasks-for all writers across the globe

When looking for jobs, you will click on the list that suits you. It’s, however, critical to note that Canadian writers are more advantaged since they can search for jobs under the two lists.

Point to Note

Before applying for any job, it’s essential to read the entire post to understand the needs and requirements of the clients. Otherwise, you might apply for the wrong post or for a job that you don’t entirely meet the requirements for.

While it’s sometimes good to try something new, applying to many jobs you are not qualified for will only waste your time. From time to time, improve your writing by training to have the needed skills when applying.

I don’t offer writing tasks, but I will connect you to clients by listing the link here. Therefore, I can share some tips here. I will not be liable to any agreement terms between you and the client.

Also, note that you are not supposed to apply to me but directly to the client. I’m concerned about this because I’ve previously received many job applications directed to me. Understand that I’m a writer but just want to make your work easy by giving you a pathway to clients.

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