Essay Agencies – Consider Yourself Served.

I just found an ad for an essay writing service that claimed that it was operating “on campus” of a major Canadian university.  I immediately reported it to the university.

As you can see from my views in the tab above on why I won’t take or post essay jobs, I do not agree with the practice of purchasing or writing essays for university students who are too lazy to do it themselves.  I had to write all of my own essays on a full-time courseload while holding down a part-time job, so I feel that everyone else should too.  I guess I’m just a little bitter that way.

This is a notice – if you are an essay agency and I see you advertising that you operate on or near or for the students of any particular University, I will report you to that University immediately on seeing your ad.  I will also cut and paste your ad into my e-mail so that you can’t simply just erase the listing.  In other words, I am actively trying to completely screw you up.  Of course it will be up to the University to take action, but I’m betting that most of them will.  I cruise all major Canadian job boards for ads for writers every day – so I won’t miss it.  Good luck to you – you’re going to need it.


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