Mythbusting The Mommy Blogger

I have had the good fortune to make a number of great female friends in the writing world. Nobody crazy famous but every one of them successful. Having children or not had absolutely no bearing on the situation at all.

The phrase “mommy blogger” has been bandied about with pride by those who belong to the group, and sometimes with sinister overtones by those who don’t. It is time to put any negative myths about mommy bloggers in the ground. I will start by saying that I am not a mommy blogger myself, not because I wish to distance myself from them but because I want them to forgive me if I miss out on any important details while defending them; hopefully they will post anything I’ve missed in the comments section.

Myth #1: Mommy Bloggers Put Their Kids Before Business
While kids are everything when you are a mom, the only time that Junior comes before business is if they have broken their arm falling out of a tree. Hopefully, incidents like this don’t happen too often. In reality, mommy bloggers are usually queens of organization and may even be better organized than childless writers like me, due to everything that they have to pack into one day.

Myth #2:  Mommy Bloggers Are Undereducated
Every writer that I know that has stayed home with the kids and written at the same time either has a degree or a level of intellectual proficiency that is equivalent to those with a university or college education. Having kids doesn’t make you stupid.

Myth #3: Mommy Bloggers Will Work for Cheap or Free
This is a myth mostly promulgated by other writers who are grumbling about cheap rates in the marketplace. The greatest offenders for cheap or free work are writers who are just starting out, no matter what their familial situation is. It is simply because they don’t know they can get higher prices for their work. If you are one of these people, join up with a writing association in your state, province, or country (I recommend PWAC in Canada) to get the skinny on what your rates should be from pros who have been there before. Some of them are posted on the site, but keep in mind those are rates for established writers. While yours should be lower, they shouldn’t be so low as to not pay your rent and grocery bills. Most importantly, if you are working for someone who says that they “can’t afford” you at higher rates, ditch them for someone who can.

Myth #4: Mommy Bloggers Don’t Know How To Run a Business
This is where we start running into the veiled sexism behind most myths about Mommy bloggers. This just stems back to when women weren’t thought capable of doing much but typing and getting coffee in the workplace. There are still a few cantakerous holdouts from this generation that will thankfully be dead soon, I for one will be throwing a party when the last one goes. You’re all welcome to come.

Those that levy the charge without sexism probably have families of their own and wonder where a mom can find time to do books and invoicing between all that writing. We usually find the time to do what we need to do, but there are enough easy-to-use tools in the marketplace like Freshbooks that make all of our lives easier.

Myth #5: Mommy Bloggers are Only Good At Writing about Chick Stuff
A writer can write on anything that you give them, with enough research and experience. Gender and progeny don’t enter into this at all. They can write brochure copy for a construction company, website content for a website design company, and pretty much anything you give them that doesn’t require a highly specialized knowledge base. Men can’t handle a trucking company’s marketing materials better just because they are more likely to think transport trucks are fun. ┬áThe reverse is also true; a man who has had a family is just as likely to be able to write for a parenting magazine than a woman.

Myth #6: All Women are Potential Mommy Bloggers
This is going to be a perception in at least one potential client’s head, unfortunately. Due to the dubious nature of the thought, they are never going to voice it to you either. You should be proactive about having a great portfolio; this alone showcases that you are a business and not a daycare or potential daycare. If it isn’t enough to convince a series of potential clients, reevaluate your portfolio as they can’t all have the some misconception.

Very few mommy bloggers are the hobby writers that they are painted to be. If you have ever been faced with bills for diapers, formula, preteen gadget needs and clothes you know that you need as much money as possible from wherever you can get it. Mommy bloggers are practical, organized businesswomen that are just as well-equipped to handle your writing needs as anyone else. I won’t say better, because I also know that there are lots of talented and gifted men who are writers. Writing, like programming, is a gender-blind skill.

Myth #7: All Mommy Bloggers Want to Be Called Mommy Bloggers
Not so. Some have embraced the term with open arms, some come out against it armed to the teeth. My personal opinion is that the term is fine unless it is being used as an insult against someone else. I think it is also fair to say that unless you are specializing in the parenting/family arena, the term may be viewed negatively by potential clients.

Got a Myth about mommy bloggers that you’d like to bust? Post it in our comments section!

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