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Below please find the text of a letter I just sent to after reading the referenced LA times article. I encourage you to copy and paste it and rearrange it to suit your experience and opinions and do the same.

Hi There:

As a web writer, it has been my experience that major websites pay their writers, and pay their writers well. I was shocked to find that you not only do not pay one of your most experienced staff members, but that you have sold her this position as an unpaid internship. When you were asked about it, you said that it was a shining example of “women helping women”. No, not really. This is a shining example of taking advantage of a kind and experienced woman for your own profit.

I am referring to this LA Times article:

While I understand that the web is taking over print, I find this a particularly distasteful and profit-taking move on your part. This woman is a consultant and should be paid as such. I will be tweeting, blogging, and otherwise sharing my opinion. I will also no longer be visiting your site, except to remove myself from lists and accounts associated with it.

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