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Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Freelance & Full-Time Writing Jobs

The busiest month of the year just started. I know that the rest of Canada is awash in snow, but here in Southern Ontario we have yet to see a flake (excepting Conrad Black’s wife, but that’s just a given). First time since the 1800’s that we’ve had a snow-free November, and a family member just got back from Australia where the temperatures were hovering around 47 degrees Celsius.

Just a reminder for all of you folks new to the blog; if you are a Canadian writer, you shouldn’t write for Transcontinental Media. Details here. I’ll basically just keep posting this until they change their rights-grabbing master author agreement, which will only happen if we band together and pull a collective /shun.

To the leads! And extra Christmas money!


Editor-In-Chief, Web Company, Montreal

Web Content Writer, Burnaby

Web Marketing Writer, 6 Month Contract, Calgary

Writer/Project Manager, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa

Copywriter, Calgary


Examiner Writers, Toronto
Note: This is a low pay position, but if you want to learn SEO writing it is a better place to start than most.

Ghostwriter for e-Book on Holistic Child Care

Web Copywriter/Editor

Vancouver Writers

November 30, 2009 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs


Editor,, Edmonton

Writer/Coordinator, Waterloo

Senior Writer, Ottawa

Managing Editor, Medical, Montreal

Part Time Resume Writer, Toronto


Resume Help & Responding to Job Ads

Writers for Vancouver Website

Online Seniors Magazine Seeks Queries

Writers for Appliance Articles

Experienced Social Media Press Release Writer

Friday, November 25 2009 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs


Marketing Copywriter, North York

Content Developer, Mississauga, Part-Time

Communications Director, Not for Profit, Sherwood Park Alberta

Intermediate Writer, Bilingual, Ottawa

Temporary Full-Time Until March 2010, Health Writer, Newmarket

Web Writer, Toronto


Music Copy Editor Wanted

Freelance Writers for AOL News

Insurance Journalist

November 26th 2009 Freelance and Full-Time Writing Jobs

Got a lovely shout-out from Valerie Bean on her blog yesterday, thanks Valerie!

You should also check out this hilarious exchange between a graphic designer and someone asking him to work for free.


Technical Writer, Toronto

Direct Response Copywriter, Vancouver

Software Junkie, Montreal

Bilingual Pharma News Editor, Montreal

Senior Bilingual Writer, Ottawa

Editor In Chief, Toronto Community News

Reporter/Editor CBC Vancouver


Online Copywriter

Wednesday November 25, 2009 Freelance & Full-Time Writing Jobs

If you are new to the site, don’t write for Transcontinental. To find out more about their bad writing contract, visit the Bad Writing Contracts site.


Writer, Corporate Law, Toronto

Writer, Securities Law, Toronto

Bilingual Communications Advisor, Secret Clearance, Ottawa

Agency Copywriter, Calgary

Senior Medical Writer, Vancouver

Another Agency Copywriter, Calgary


Weekly Publication Seeks Freelancer, maybe Portugese?
Note: Since the Job Bank is the most useless source of information ever, I just e-mailed to find out if Portugese was required. I’ll update this listing if I get an answer.

Web Page Copywriter, Calgary

Blog Editor

Personal Finance/Banking Blogger

Web Page Reviewer/Writer

Blogging Tips Seeks Bloggers